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Work In Progress

The sleepy suburbs of Spindle glisten under buffeted clouds of pure thought. In the distance, the hills lazily shift, while flashes of light and roars betray two fantastical beasts duking it out on the horizon – the bustling Muses below barely paying attention as they go about their daily lives in the town; most headed in a singular direction. Things aren’t as wild as they once were.

Spindle at night.

Dishes and antennae crowd around a large tank atop a creaking edifice; pipes splaying vein-like in all directions, a bubbling juice pouring through.

Off to one side, a mish-mash of characters pour in and out of an extensive frontage and crowd around its plaza: cowboys, witches, fae, detectives – all being slowly herded about their business by uniformed officials, as small assemblies gather to recoup before entering a small side door into the vast hallways within. If you were to watch for just a little too long you might notice the atmosphere of concern, though most are going about their business as usual.

Besides these, a large Exhibition Hall dominates the town: the crowds’ destination. A meeting has been called. Dream is dying, and it must be saved.


Work In Progress is the Oxford University Role Playing Game Society Game for Michaelmas 2019 to Hilary 2020 running fortnightly.

Players play Muses - narrative warlords scaping the Dreams of Jo: the writer in whose mind they dwell. Powered by Creative Juices, they explore Vignettes: Jo's memories of stories and events, which they shape to their own ends. The Impressions of characters within being co-opted and shaped along the way.

Except Dream is starting to atrophy. The world around them is seizing up, as Jo's Creative Juices slowly begin to dwindle. They're supposedly working on their Magnum Opus - a great work to make them famous. And yet, they've not even managed to begin; wasting their life away while they're plagued by Writer's Block. This has caused the Great Fade.

The Muses have gathered to work out what to do. Their whole world is at stake.


New to roleplaying? Welcome! We recommend you start with the Introduction page. Alternatively, if you just want to dive right in, details of the system and setting can be found in the sidebar (desktop) or drop-down menu (mobile).

An introductory session for Work In Progress will be held on 15th October 2019 in the Daubeny Laboratory opposite Magdalen College, and will be dedicated to Character Creation - though please feel free to submit characters before then if you wish. The first regular session will be held a week later on the 22nd October 2019, with following sessions being every 2 weeks.

A list of sessions can be found below, but more info can be found on the When and Where page.

Session Date Week
Character Creation 15th October 2019 Tuesday, Michaelmas Week 1
Session 1 22nd October 2019 Tuesday, Michaelmas Week 2
Session 2 5th November 2019 Tuesday, Michaelmas Week 4
Session 3 19th November 2019 Tuesday, Michaelmas Week 6
Session 4 3rd December 2019 Tuesday, Michaelmas Week 8
Session 5 21st January 2020 Tuesday, Hilary Week 1
Session 6 4th February 2020 Tuesday, Hilary Week 3
Session 7 18th February 2020 Tuesday, Hilary Week 5
Session 8 3rd March 2020 Tuesday, Hilary Week 7
Debrief 10th March 2020 Tuesday, Hilary Week 8
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